Hi, I’m Pitiș 👋

coding. startups. career advice.

Bio 📘

Coder by day, entrepreneur by night. I’m currently working on MenuBear, a next-gen restaurant menu editor.

Currently 🛠️

🛠️ founder @ MenuBear, a next-gen digital menu

✍️ writings on medium. mostly on coding, open source, startups, career advice.

🌱 open-source contributor

⚡️ fun fact: I own a 🦔  called Lisa

Engineering Consulting 👨‍🏫

if you’re a leader at your startup, I can help. I’ll be your CTO for an hour and help solve whatever engineering challenges you have. This includes:

  • organizational challenges
  • technical debt issues
  • MVP scoping for projects

(feel free to DM me on LinkedIn or Twitter if you want to chat about context before this meeting. I spend at least an hour preparing for each engineering consulting call - so I’d love to talk to you beforehand)

Writings 📝

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